"It was suicide. Others killed themselves with poison or with a revolver. I killed myself with minutes and hours."

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"On the face of it, far from being a ‘natural’ system, as some apologists have tried to argue, historical capitalism is a patently absurd one. One accumulates capital in order to accumulate more capital. Capitalists are like white mice on a treadmill, running ever faster in order to run still faster. In the process, no doubt, some people live well, but others live miserably; and how well, and for how long, do those who live well live? The more I have reflected upon it the more absurd it has seemed to me."

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The concept of hegemony thus belongs with the question: How is the working class to take power in a social formation where the dominant power is subtly, pervasively diffused throughout habitual daily practices, intimately interwoven with ‘culture’ itself, inscribed in the very texture of our experience from nursery school to funeral parlour? How do we combat a power which has become the “common sense” of a whole social order, rather than one which is widely perceived as alien and oppressive?

In modern society, then it is not enough to occupy factories or confront the state. What must also be contested is the whole area of ‘culture’, defined in its broadest, most everyday sense. The power of the ruling class is spiritual as well as material; and any ‘counterhegemony’ must carry its political campaign into this hitherto neglected realm of values and customs, speech habits and ritual practices.


Terry Eagleton - “Ideology: An Introduction” (via mochente)

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"Love is a profoundly social emotion. Love is not in the least a ‘private’ matter concerning only the two loving persons: love possesses an uniting element which is valuable to the collective… Each historical (and therefore economic) epoch in the development of society has its own ideal of marriage and its own sexual morality… Different economic systems have different moral codes. Not only each stage in the development of society, but each class has its corresponding sexual morality… the more firmly established the principles of private property, the stricter the moral code."

Alexandra Kollontai (see also here)

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"A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you."

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