The Smashing Pumpkins - Daydream

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do you ever get so fed up with constantly ricocheting between two polar opposite states of being / feeling&emotion.

one minute im taking in the absurd and inexplicable beauty of this world, feeling limitless and infinite and the next i feel like im trapped inside a ruined, constraining and artificial container. rotting and deteriorating. barely living. ‘purely’ existing. the conundrum is, the state of this world is in a constant flux and there isn’t a net difference in the amount of violent vs. peace inside the limited system that we call our world. and more often than not, the world as we personally know it, is for the most part limited and our experience of it could be described as parochial at best with the exception for a marked few. our conception of the world is profoundly improportional to it’s actual state of existence. our feeble definition of normal and what constitutes as baselines (the foundation or plane of measurement & comparison) is quintessentially myopic. our grasp and understanding of the world shall forever remain incomplete but should that deter us froom seeking to learn more, research more, experiment more?. on a relative basis, living conditions for a certain section of the population has increased dramatically but at the cost of the destruction of wildlife and the permanent scaring of our landscape and a catastrophic depletion in natural resources at a behemoth scale and the cost of the lives of other human beings who are accounted as being remotely worthwhile to our immediate society thus ultimately, expendable. so how far have we grown, evolved, revolved? has our biological purpose of existence differed much throughout the millennia? a positivist outlook on life i.e. our social systems and hierarchies, language, culture and etc. would in my consideration be heinous. progress is not invariably parallel to the forward motion of time.

but what im really trying to say is i havent slept all night and am so horny but i dont want to get laid bc ive given up on guys and that i reject all forms of social strata

au revoir and selamat beradu

lucy was great

Patrick Heron, Harbour Window with Two Figures : St Ives : July 1950