Anonymous: what i said is true that's how Pop industry works and Lana is definitely part of that


Anonymous: honestly calm down about Lana. she didn't write 90% of the songs herself.. she's got writers for that


ultraviolence is the score that accompanies the lifes and times of young gay men worldwide. the complication of desire, the negation of love, the misaprehension of deragatory and abusive behaviour as affection, the absent father, the father, the father, the father, the father. the freudian fixation on the father, the father as the head of the family unit, the father as the primal object of desire. daddy daddy daddy……… the desire for annihalation. return to cosmic absence. $$$$ fame power. to spark envy in the heart of others, im a bad bitch and I know it (and so shpuld you) manipulation, im a sad girl im a bad girl. my man. who is lana referring to as my man?

right now im just overflowing with lust any decent boy will do i just want someone to kiss and touch i want a boys body pressed against mine our fingers intertwined sweat saliva and skin warmth reaction action + effect desire youth summer rain, tropical humidity, your body with mine its not about sex its all eros, baby sugar honey daddy give me take me i want to love you i need not your love ove is an unecessary variable desire oh god ph god oh god athena zeus boys and their bodies and the way they move and how alarmingly vulnerable they are when asleep droopy eyelips bulging veins nectarine lips arms hands that slight hint of contour chest heaving that self-absorbed pretentiousness why are you so confident that stride oh honey i wanna go down on you down with you, down with YOU. U dark omen, that naive timidity masked as self-assured elan, touching me tpuching you, grab my fuxking ass god damnit take me oh my god oh my god ph my gpd i just want to let go7 (release)

forever and always chasing the boys that i’ll never have